With the growing popularity of electric cars, the development of the appropriate infrastructure for their charging is also necessary. Global trends in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles reflect the rapid expansion of networks of charging stations, improvement of charging technologies and improvement of energy efficiency. Let’s consider the main areas of these trends and their impact on the future of the electric vehicle industry.

Expansion of the Network of Charging Stations

One of the key trends is the rapid expansion of the network of charging stations both at the state and city level, and at the private level. Many countries are adopting legislation and programs aimed at developing charging infrastructure to encourage the transition to electric vehicles. In addition, businesses and individuals install charging stations in their territories to ensure the availability of charging for their own cars and to attract customers.

Development of Fast Charging

Fast charging is becoming an increasingly important component of the charging infrastructure. Fast charging technologies prevent EV owners from charging their cars significantly faster, making EV travel more applicable to everyday life. accordingly, an increase in the number of fast charging stations that are installed on highways, in city centers and in parking lots of business centers.

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 Use of Renewable Energy Sources

Increasing the use of renewable energy sources in electric vehicle infrastructure is another trend. Charging stations powered by solar, wind or other renewable sources will reduce the carbon footprint and provide a stable power supply for charging electric vehicles.