Uganda is a land locked country found in East Africa. For safari enthuists, Uganda is filled with many wonders that have turned into top tourists destination. 

Uganda’s capital City is called Kampala. Its about 44Kms from Entebbe International airport the main entry point into the country by air. Entebbe Airport to Kampala city transportation is mainly by Airport Taxi although you still have the option to Rent a Car for private transfer.

Visitors can explore the crystal water lakes like Lake victoria, The nile and many water bodies. Mountain lovers and hickers have the Rwenzori mountains in the South Western part and Mountain Elgon. 

Uganda is not short of Animals and birds if that is your poison. The many National parks in the country are hosts to some of the most rate and endangered animals like the Mountain Gorillas. You will also see zebras, Hippos, Elephants, Lions to mention but a few.

There are many tourist attractions in Uganda if you have the time to visit but if you are low on time, you can simply visit the Kasubi Tombs in Kampala city. This is a cultural site with a rich cultural heritage of the Baganda tribe. 

The biggest hospital in Uganda is Mulago hospital. There are several other private hospitals from which you can get fairly good health care services. There are also Therapy care givers if you are in need of Physio or Speech therapy in Uganda.

While ilegal, there is wide practice of sex tourism in Uganda! Tourists in Kampala often get offered sex by the city girls in exchange for money!

While there are 4×4 self drive car rental services in Uganda, driving in Uganda can be challenging because of the poor roads and reckless driving. You may Rent a driver to take you on your trip in Kampala for as low as $30 a day! We recomend this company – Techsys Autos  as the Best Car Hire in Uganda. You can Rent a car on short or long term depending on your needs!

There certainly many things about Kampala and Uganda that we may not answer here but if you have a question, there is a Blog on which you can Ask a question and you will be offred an answer. There is also a Tour Blog that you might find useful called Afro Tour Guide. I hope you find this useful.