I recently learned and acknowledged to myself that all I had dedicated myself to and sacrificed for had once been so casually rejected through someone else’s cruel and heartless actions as the consequence of a terrible awakening and self-examination process. Trust appeared to have betrayed me once more. Once more, there was an ugly accumulation of more lies, dashed hopes, unfulfilled commitments, and broken promises. After all of this, I was merely a few years older, ostensibly no wiser, and simply emotionally spent. For more details Reclame aqui

My initial response was to maintain and think that trust is something that only the naive would do. I clung to my notion that those who are trusting will become prey to people who are only facades appearing to be “victims” who have been severely wronged by life in the shadows of conspiracy. These human phantoms and vultures are actually dishonest cowards without any personality of their own; as a result, they take on a persona that will appeal to their prey.

But ongoing introspection, reflection, and meditation are positive and healthy practises. The truth that if one scrapes the bottom of the barrel, one will get what is at the bottom of the barrel is one of the many realities that one will learn via these activities. Clearly, being far more picky in one’s own choices is a different option. One should start and keep working on believing in themselves and realising that they are not the ones who are at fault in the interim. We must acknowledge that there are still respectable, morally upright people in the world. We must understand that if we ourselves can be trustworthy, then others can and are doing the same. This is true despite our experiences and relationships with con artists and others of a similar calibre.

Many people frequently believe that throughout their entire lives, others have let them down in regards to trust and other matters. We must realise and accept that by choosing these people to be a part of our lives, we are the ones who failed. Additionally, we must avoid continually repeating the same mistakes in the choosing process. We will be able to move forward with confidence after receiving this revelation and information. We will be able to project trust by acting in a trustworthy manner and attract and select trustworthy people to be in our company.

Please be motivated for others whose footsteps may have crossed mine in the sands of time and for those who may have experienced some of the same feelings I have. We decide for ourselves. Instead of being duped by the flashy facades of character’s “bling bling” and glitter, let’s look for the mettle of the spirit and the purity of the metal. Possess faith. It gets better from here.