How to choose a driving school ? What are the qualities that should be guaranteed to those who enroll in a driving license course? There could be many and all very valid eligibility requirements.Better to focus on some fundamental aspects.

In this article, in fact, we will not explain from a marketing perspective whether it is better to drive a car with an automatic gearbox, or take lessons in ultra-technological 2.0 classrooms. In reverse. Here we will explain how NOT to choose a Scoala soferi Suceava and what are the warning signs that should make you run away from the scoundrel driving school . Here is the practical guide that will teach you how to unmask it.

Tell me what they promise you and I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t choose that driving school

When you go to a driving school for the first time, it’s natural to have many questions. We wonder how many lessons we need to take to be prepared for the exam, whether the quizzes are difficult or not, whether it is possible to get “a little help”. Well, if your questions have answers like the ones below, you have chosen the wrong driving school. Even before entering a driving school we give you two useful tips:

  • See if they have a good reputation on the web: reviews, websites, forums can help you unmask scoundrels;
  • Take a look at their history: if they have been on the market for years, it most likely means that they offer a professional and quality service.

Have you already set foot in the driving school? No problem: if you find yourself faced with these answers, faced with your more than legitimate questions, we advise you to change scenery and choose another driving school.

What they shouldn’t tell you in a driving school:

  1. “Don’t worry, we’ll help you pass the exam” – In reality, there is no external help that can help you pass the driving license exam. First of all because it would be a crime, it is good to remember this, and then because even if such people proposed it to you, they would have caused you enormous damage. Yes, because obtaining a license with a fake driving test would mean endangering a person who does not know the Highway Code. Safety comes first when you get behind the wheel: never put your safety at risk.
  2. “The exam is easy, don’t worry!” – Warning: the exam itself is not difficult, but preparation is required. You have to study, prepare for practice, practice. How long does it take? The necessary. But you yourself, together with your instructor, will realize your level of preparation: do not be afraid.
  3. “There are tricks to pass the exam” – No, there is no trick to pass the exam. There is only concentration, prudence and some precautions that will surely help you overcome it. These are not tricks that come out of a magic hat: it is simply the fruit of your preparation.

Choose a driving school that helps you learn

So, is everything clear? Leave alchemy and tricks to the magicians: driving is a serious matter and should be treated as such. You are on the road, and there could be other people in the car or motorbike with you. For your safety and that of others, to always feel ready and face your life as a driver or motorcyclist, remember that anyone who promises you help to pass the exam is not only committing an offense, but also harming you.