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There is no complexity behind video content being the most versatile and engaging form of content. It is enjoyable, interactive, and easy to share, which makes it even more leveraged among the other content formats available.

According to HubSpot, In 2023, visual content in India bloomed into an evergreen trend, making around 97% of businesses incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategies, resulting in enhanced brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, sales conversion, and ROI & ROAS.

Renowned brands like Apple, GoPro, Nike, and Coca-Cola consistently use video marketing as a major part of their marketing strategy. These brands are creating all types of content, from engaging visuals and emotional storylines to promotional and entertaining videos, through which they achieve their desired outcomes.

But as we move ahead in time, captivating and converting new audiences will be as challenging as holding sand with bare hands because of the reduced attention spans and saturation of the internet with a variety of content.

That’s why brands need the expertise of the top video production agency in India to stay ahead of ongoing trends and acquire valuable insights into the industry.

Vidzy is a renowned best video production agency in India. The video company has 7+ years of experience in the video production industry. The company has been delivering satisfactory results for brands like Sony, MakeMyTrip, Yamaha, Zomato, and many more by offering well-researched solutions to capture the viewer’s attention and boost conversion rates.

Here we will deeply explore the best video production services offered by the best video production company, opening brilliant possibilities for your brand in the field of video marketing.

Top Video Production Services To Grow your Brand

The video production company realized the power of video marketing, thus leaving no effort to offer its clients the finest professional video production services. Here are some types of videos for brands to explore and leverage for your brand’s video marketing.

Influencer-Generated Videos Ads

Vidzy has leveraged the power of storytelling and engaging narratives to drive brand awareness and engagement for many renowned brands, like Zomato.

They connect you with niche-specific influencers who understand the vision and motive behind your video marketing campaign. When a social media creator shares your products and services through captivating and entertaining videos on their media platforms, their audience resonates more with your offerings.

Video ads are one of the best ways to interact with your target audience and increase brand sales, awareness, and more. These influencer-backed video ads are the best form of content that significantly drives more leads, increases sales, and enhances brand awareness.  

For instance, the famous beauty retail brand Nykaa collaborated with several influencers to advertise the launch of Urban Decay Cosmetics in India through video ads, and it was massive. The video post garnered over 9K likes and around 705K views in a day. 

Specific Feature Demonstrating Product Videos

To capture your audience’s attention, you must make product demonstration videos or how-to videos where you can engagingly provide valuable information to your target audience. 

You can highlight the unique selling points of your products, explain how your viewers can use them efficiently, and educate them about what goes into creating such a masterpiece.

Vidzy puts in unparalleled efforts to drive data-driven and well-researched insights related to the latest trends, queries regarding your product, etc., and curates videos that provide insightful solutions to your audience.

These well-produced videos portray a positive image of your brand, showcasing how much you care about your audience. Additionally, these are the best ways to increase the conversion rate, as watching your products in action clears doubts and offers valuable solutions to your audiences’ requirements.

User-Generated Videos:

UGC videos are the best visual content for enhancing your brand’s credibility and engagement while increasing sales conversion.

Through these videos, you can share genuine views and experiences of your customers, where they can truly express how they feel about your product.

With the help of India’s leading video production company, you can create a combination of user-generated connections with shoppable videos where your customers will highlight the USPs of your product. This step will drive organic leads and build a sense of trust around your brand.

Influencer-Backed Social Media Videos:

Let’s start with an example. Recently, the renowned beauty brand Olay collaborated with the leading social media influencer Dolly Singh to promote their niacinamide serum, and it was a hit. Dolly added the gist of comedy to the social media video she curated for the brand, and it accumulated around 12K likes and over 300K views in less than a week.

Vidzy helps you partner with talented influencers who can portray an excellent brand image on social media by showcasing the fun in-house environment and interaction. They curate videos showing glimpses of how your brand works, behind-the-scenes of the products you make, reviewing your products, etc. 

Additionally, the video production agency helps you form interesting narratives like answering questions or featuring influencers or leaders interacting with your audience by answering poll questions, etc.

These videos mould an emotional connection between your brand and the target audience and foster a bond of trust and authenticity.

Corporate Video To Convey Your Brand Story

Corporate videos are the jack of all trades for businesses seeking to enhance brand awareness and reach. These videos can be curated with any element, like professionalism, fun, interactiveness, and engagement.

The video production house offers many corporate videos, such as product explainers, how-tos, case studies, training videos, company events, behind-the-scenes, animated, and influencer videos.

They convey your brand’s story, values, and vision in the most engaging videos, showing glimpses of what goes on behind the camera and making the audience feel involved and connected. 

Animation and Motion Graphics Videos

Incorporating animation or 2D/3D motion graphics into your brand videos can take them to the next level. These videos are masterpieces showcasing the ultimate possibilities of advanced technology.

The video production company has all the essential resources and an experienced team of professionals who can create stunning motion graphics and animation-inspired videos.

These videos are engaging and enjoyable to watch, thus captivating your audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression on them.

Preceding Client Success Story By Vidzy

The success of a top video production house in India can be measured by its impressive track record of pulling off successful video marketing campaigns for leading brands.

Here is an example of an effective video marketing campaign executed by Vidzy:

Yamaha X Vidzy

In this remarkable campaign for Yamaha, Vidzy partnered with them to create buzz around the launch of their latest range of audio products.

They collaborated with various influencers to craft over 40 videos where these influencers were shown using these audio products and demonstrating them for better knowledge.

The outcomes received after the campaign were mind-blowing. There was a 5x increase in engagement rate and a 30% boost in return on ad spend (ROAS). One of the produced videos garnered over 25 Lakh views, reaching a wide array of audiences.

So, if you want to leverage such astonishing outcomes for your brand, partner with Vidzy, the top video production agency in India, and touch skies with your marketing results.

Final Words

As mentioned above, there are several video production services offered by Vidzy that you can explore and choose from. Combining these services can take your video marketing game to the next level and help you achieve all your marketing goals.So, don’t wait any longer! Contact the leading video production agency today.