These days, it seems difficult to find short moral stories, or perhaps it’s just because there are so many shows and books accessible that lack a moral message. I was raised watching Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street. Quantity over quality just doesn’t seem to make as much sense. Growing up, my mother would spend countless hours reading to me while being animated. It wasn’t just about me, as I later discovered; she is good at this and enjoys doing it. I must admit that it has given me a love of storytelling, a solid command of spelling and enunciation, and the opportunity to interact and engage with her.

Although I always intended to attend film school, I chose the less expensive practical route instead—broadcasting. It goes without saying that my mother is still reading to kids even though I am now a manager for a financial institution. It’s sweet that she hasn’t aged while I have. We set together a website where she can read and I can make short films; I don’t know how we didn’t think of this sooner, but it’s a match made in heaven.

Why are we the leading authorities on morality? I wouldn’t describe myself as an expert, though. I’m a decent person with flaws, but I can state without fear of bias that my mother is fundamentally a child at heart. She offers the heart, and I simply add the frame; it’s something we’ve been working on together, and I’m very pleased of it because it’s brand-new and entertaining. I’m still learning, but I believe it does need a certain capacity to view things through a child’s eyes and sweep aside everything that could obscure what moral ideals are actually vital for.

Children should start developing a love of reading as well as the ideals they will carry with them throughout their lives. Reading ought to be entertaining and engaging. Reading to your child or discussing different principles with them will give them a broader view on how to develop their self-assurance, be truthful, treat people with respect, and discover who they are and what they believe. With more advanced technology, it appears that the number of influencing elements is growing quickly, making it harder and harder to uphold morality. Your child will learn from you if you read to them from the heart, are imaginative, and enjoy yourself. For more details, pleae click here Moral Story