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The majority of you have probably worked out that the quickest way to jump from an aeroplane is to land face down while maintaining strafe + forward until your parachute pops (to prevent speed loss).

When we want to travel more than a couple of kilometres from the plane, like two or three kilometres, things become a little more challenging. I finally reached a conclusion after trying numerous methods and paces for hours on end.

Beginning with the first technique, we must move forward while gazing up at the horizon. Aim to advance as far as you can before your parachute automatically retracts (900m – 1.2km is the max you can do). Depending on the speed you’re willing to keep up once the chute opens, you’ll travel a certain distance.

I have a graph with my outcomes:

Time, Distance, and Speed
20+ km/h – 1 min. 40+ km/h – 1 min. 55 sec. 50+ km/h – 1 min. 60+ km/h – 1 min. 58 sec.
2nd Flying ahead and deploying your parachute as soon as you can are the two main components of technique. After that, keeping the proper pace will significantly alter the outcomes.

I have a graph with my outcomes:

Time, Distance, and Speed
20+ km/h – 2,90 km – 3 min. 33 sec. 30+ km/h – 2,30 km – 2 min. 35 sec. 50+ km/h – 1,65 km – 1 min. 37 sec. 60+ km/h – 1,30 km – 1 min. 24 sec.
Technique No. 3 Right-down parachute and vehicle driving

I also calculated the approximate time it would take us to drive two kilometres after parachuteing to the ground. In this manner, we may evaluate its speed in comparison to long-distance parachuting.

That’s what I found out:

UAZ – 2 kilometres – 2 minutes and 17 seconds
2 km – 2 min. 14 sec.
Dacia: 2 km; 2 min., 2 sec.
Bike: 2 km; 1 min. 51 sec. SuperBike: 2 km; 1 min. 44 sec.

Of course, bikes are the swiftest and can outrun any parachute, but a Dacia will get you there in about the same amount of time.

But keep in mind that all of those measurements were taken under ideal conditions on a relatively flat surface.