Are you interested in investing in project time monitoring software to prevent information duplication and time loss? When selecting such software, you should exercise extreme caution. Making a poor decision while purchasing software is possible if you are unaware of its scope and capabilities. Here is a list of tips that can assist you in making this selection in order to help you make the best choice. Continue reading

How To Pick A Reliable Project Time Tracking App

Wide application capability – always pick a excel template for time tracking that enables you to utilise all of its features across the entire organisation. You can save time and labour hours by purchasing software that can be used throughout the whole network of your business, including all departments. Additionally, you’ll be able to reduce redundancy and boost productivity. Information can be entered into a company-wide application once, then used by all other departments for their own purposes. Since everyone has access to the programme and can monitor the status of the project and other information, time tracking systems work well with intranets. Additionally, it enables particular personnel to modify, rewrite, manage, and update project statuses as required. Payroll creation and chargebacks are made simple by this.

Integration with financial system – Software that is simple to integrate into your current financial system can reduce the chance of data entry error and aid in accurate and proper payroll and invoicing. Additionally, the ability to combine software capabilities with a business’s financial system tends to minimise spreadsheet mergers that could be caused by other similar programmes and significantly reduces chaos.

Check on different activities that have been assigned to you. A decent project time tracking tool gives you the ability to monitor and track different tasks that have been assigned to you as well as the work of your personnel. Additionally, you can keep tabs on what your managers are doing and the projects they are working on, which can help you save on labour costs and outsourcing.

The ability to manage and account for overtime and leaves for every employee of your company on every project and in every department is yet another feature that makes time tracking systems so popular. The ability to account for any disparities and ensure that no one uses this to make false entries is made possible by having all of this data at your fingertips. Managers and administrators will find this function to be of great help because it relieves them of the burden of searching for and verifying improperly marked absences.

Accounting for vacations and days off taken by your staff should always be accounted for by the time tracking software you choose. This makes it easier for managers to keep track of whether a certain vacation request was approved or denied and, using this data, to determine the employee’s leave time. Additionally, this guarantees that no work is given to the individual who took the leave, avoiding uncertainty.

Lastly, consider what features and goals you want your project time tracking software to accomplish before making a purchase. Making the best decision will be made easier for you if you’ve done your research.