The adage “little is beautiful” has been around for a while and seems to have cemented itself firmly in the minds of today’s inventors.

Convenience is key, which is why so many products have been reduced in size in response to this new obsession. There isn’t a consumer product that hasn’t had its size altered in order to satisfy consumer demand, including laptops, watches, small television sets, and even autos. It’s generally a nice thing. The question is whether smaller squared chessboards are equally beneficial, despite the fact that they are less expensive.

A chessboard that is too small will make it more challenging for players to move their pieces around. Naturally, when the struggle intensifies and the pieces are placed close to one another, there is a risk that the battle will knock them over. So keep these things in mind as you select a new board to hold the gorgeous pieces you just spent your hard-earned money on. When you can spend your money on something more rewarding, why waste it on something that is difficult to use?

You can use the following method to determine the most accurate approach to judge how the chess piece sizes relate to the size of the board:

The first thing to do is obviously measure the board. How? 78% of the squares’ width across should be used to calculate the base. Using the most common sizes as a guide, this can be helpful:

Assume your kings’ base is 1.5 inches wide. As a result, your board’s squares should measure 2 inches (rounded to 2″) (1.5″ King base divided by 0.78″ = 1.92″ squares). The same ratios are used throughout: KB = 1.75, 2.25, 2.0 KB = 2.5, etc.

For those of you who struggle with math, there is an even simpler solution: measure the diameter of your desired size and then simply add a good half-inch. This will guarantee that the squares you receive for your board are the appropriate size. This ought to make your decision much simpler!

In relation to the aforementioned answer, these calculations are accurate when used with chessboard sets that are the standard size. However, you will discover that it does not work out exactly with larger sets, with the king standing 5 inches higher. If you discover that this is your circumstance, you must consult the manufacturer’s suggestions.

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There are other businesses that sell chess sets, though, if you’ve looked online and haven’t found anything you like. The only thing you need to do is search around until you locate the ideal set or chessboard for you because there are so many options available.