Since we the ferry passenger seats is loose package. We need to install and assemble the seats when we receive the goods. Here is the procedure show you how to install ferry passenger seats.

Step one:Fix the ferry passenger seats tracks

The first step is fixing the track on the deck. Some measurements need to be taken into account when

deciding on the position of the seat track on the deck.

A) Distance from front / back of leg to end of track (minimum of 200mm)

B) Distance from rear of leg to wall (minimum can be taken from approval drawings, Note: reclining seats need more room – refer to approval drawings)

C) Seat Pitch (typically around 900mm)

D) Distance from centre of leg to end of beam (shown on approval drawings)

E) Leg centres (shown on approval drawings)

F) Distance from centre of leg to wall (minimum of ‘D + 10mm’ assuming a vertical wall)

1) Place track in position on deck. Ensure that any deck covering (e.g. Carpet, vinyl, etc) is removed to allow the inner flange of the seat track to fit flush against the deck – Refer to figure 1.4 below.

2) Secure at either end with a self-tapping screw to prevent the track moving out of place.

3) Drill 6.5mm holes at 50mm spacings into deck through the holes in the track that are pre-punched and countersunk. Lift track up and clear all aluminium filings so it sits flush to deck. Note: Track is pre-punched every 25mm but only countersunk every 50mm.

4) Monobolt track to deck at 50mm spacing.

5) Remove self-tapping screws at either end of the track and drill 6.5mm holes into deck.

6) Place track ends under seat track at either end and monobolt track to deck through both holes.

7) Mark on the track the position of where the backs of all the legs will go – Refer to figure 1.2, measurement ‘C’.

8) Three extra monobolts must be used at the back of the leg, 1 being forward of the rear of leg and the other two being aft of the rear of leg. Mark each extra hole – Refer to figure 1.5 / 1.6 below.

9) Drill the three extra 6.5mm holes for each leg through the deck, then countersink the holes.

10) Monobolt track to deck through each extra hole.

11) Proceed to fit legs.

Step two:Fix the ferry passenger seats legs

1) Insert the leg bolts (bracket) from the end of the track and move it to correct position.Ensure mounting brackets are upright and vertical to the track.

2) Place leg over the bracket. Remove the bolts and nuts from the bracket.Ensure the ends of bracket 10mm higher than the leg

Step three:Fix the ferry passenger seats beam

1)There are eight holes at the back of the beam. Ensure that all the holes are positioned correctly. There will be two empty holes at the end of beams at each side when the beam is placed correctly.

2) Insert 4 pieces of diameter Ø10mm flat washers into the brackets and fasten with M10 nuts.

Step four:Assemble the ferry passenger seats armrests

1) Place the armrest on the end of beam.Make sure the armrest holes and beam holes overlapped.

2) Insert 2 pieces of M8 round head screws from the armrest holes.

3) Fasten the armrest and beam with M8 washer and nuts

Step five: Fix the ferry passenger seats on the beam.

1) Insert the front of the seat and latch it to the beam.

2) Lower the seat so that the seat bolts can pass through the holes in rear of the beam.

3) Fasten the seat with washer and nuts.