People used to walk about with large amounts of cash in their pockets. This was due to the fact that cash was the only method of payment allowed when shopping. But there was also a security risk associated with carrying cash. The cash you have accumulated could be lost in a matter of seconds if someone is robbed in the middle of the street. Credit cards then appeared. These cards were a blessing for the general population who found carrying cash in their pockets to be inconvenient. Because to this small invention, they were able to purchase anything they wanted without worrying about their wallet’s balance.

Credit card stories are commonplace today. Credit card ownership has even been compared to a status symbol by some. All of this, however, is untrue. We can all agree that using a credit card makes daily tasks more convenient. However, we would also advise you to take the following safety precautions while using credit cards:

On the magnetic line, always sign. Most people never remember to swipe their credit or debit card after receiving it. Because of this, they have been using the card without their signatures for almost a decade. It may surprise you to learn how simple it is to conduct fraud with such unsigned cards.

When dining out, swipe carefully and don’t give your server credit for doing so. Instead, request to have the device placed on a table so you can swipe it there. This is entirely possible with today’s portable technology and reduces the chance of falling for a hotel employee con. This guideline is relevant to every credit card transaction you make.

Don’t divulge information to strangers. Please don’t give out your plastic card number to anyone who calls you under the pretence of forcing you to take part in something else. If you receive such requests often, alert the legal authorities and let them address the situation.

The CVV number is not public. Your card’s CVV number is unique, therefore if it is made public, there is a higher chance that someone will use it to defraud you. Even when shopping online with a credit card, make sure the transaction is conducted through a safe and trustworthy payment gateway. For more details CVV shop